We develop, implement and digitise applicable solutions, processes and applications for your perfect obsolescence, discontinuation, configuration, change, risk and life cycle management.

The AMSYS Service Offers

Are you an operator or manufacturer of durable capital goods? Then we can offer you individual advice and a portfolio of solutions:

We are happy to support you in the development, expansion, reorganization and daily operation of your organization on the topics:

Your Benefits

You reduce and avoid high downtime costs already within the first months!

Our individual solutions, implemented sustainably, enable you to reduce and avoid production or service failures over the entire life cycle – even if the planned use of facilities, machines or means of production is extended.

You benefit from our systemic expertise in problem solving and our many years of experience in planning, designing and implementing process changes, as well as the outsourcing of your problem solving tasks.

Our AMSYS experts are specialized in the fact that the implemented solutions are applicable for you – we guarantee this with our name – Applicable Management Systems!

Contact us without obligation for our AMSYS Service Offers!

We advise you individually which service components are the right ones for you, your requirements and your success.

Possible Contents for Your Workshop



  • What does obsolescence mean
  • Types and triggers of obsolescence, future outlook

Change and Discontinuation Management

  • Types/effects of Product Change (PCN) and Product Discontinuance Notices (PDN)
  • Information handling and digitisation of PCNs/PDNs

Obsolescence Management (OM)

  • Possibilities of comprehensive Obsolescence Management according to international standards
  • Differentiation between OM strategies and OM plans, as well as their contents

Reactive Obsolescence Management

  • Significance, areas of application and possible solutions
  • Workshop: Development of an interdisciplinary process flow

Proactive Obsolescence Management

  • Importance as well as costs and savings opportunities
  • Training in a robust OM risk analysis process

Obsolescence Management Tools

  • Automation of processes, evaluations and reports
  • Overview of support tools, software and databases

Strategic Obsolescence Management

  • OM as part of a company-wide strategy from development to after-sales service
  • Reduction of obsolescence through the complete product life cycle, e.g. in contracts

Quality control of electronic components

  • Analytical methods for testing electronic components - general condition and originality
  • Long-term storage - risks, solutions and process comparison

Seminar Wash-Up

  • Comparison of OM approaches and best practise examples
  • Q & A session

Configuration management


  • Introduction to Configuration Management
  • What is Configuration Management
  • The Five Functions of Configuration Management


  • The configuration unit
  • Baselines
  • Baseline Management


  • Configuration identification
  • Product structures
  • Numbering conventions
  • Naming conventions
  • The process of identification

Change control

  • Main aspects of change control
  • Change requests
  • Amendment procedure
  • Change process


  • Configuration accounting
  • Configuration reports
  • Master Record Index
  • CR Status Report


  • Configuration System Audit
  • Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)
  • Physical Configuration Audit (PCA)
  • Audit Reports
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