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We develop, implement and digitise applicable solutions, processes and applications for your perfect obsolescence, discontinuation, configuration, change, risk and life cycle management.


IIOM Obsolescence Manager Certification Course as in-house event at Siemens

IIOM Obsolescence Manager Certification Course as in-house event at Siemens - AMSYS keeps fingers crossed that all delegates will pass the exams and is happy to soon welcome more experts on board! If you are also interested to get certified visit:

26 Feb 2020

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Fully booked obsolescence management workshop

AMSYS warmly welcomes 16 delegates today at our 2-day obsolescence and lifecycle management workshop in cooperation with HTV. Proud to be booked out as usual. If you want to secure your seat on one of the next trainings or in-house events visit:

18 Feb 2020

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AMSYS speaking, informing and training on the matter of obsolescence

Lukas Sprengel, AMSYS Consultant, speaks, informs and trains on the matter of obsolescence & riskmanagement at a lifecylemanagement workshop hosted in cooperation with Eichler. If you want to learn more about individualized methods & processes, visit

15 Feb 2020

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Practical Introduction to Change and Configuration Management

13 - 14 May 2020

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Obsolescence Management

28 - 29 May 2020

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Obsolescence Manager "IIOM Certification“

14 Jul 2020

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Successful project guaranteed

Thanks to our extensive experiences in a vast range of sectors, we can analyse your processes extremely fast, and design, implement and digitise necessary improvements.

With us, you will receive the most competent consultation together with perfect software.

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Your benefits at a glance

… in the words of our clients:

  • “Only 7 months after project launch, more than $ 3.9 million have been saved already.” (just one example from a railway company)
  • Multifaceted consultation that also gives you the tools you need.” (universal opinion of seminar participants from electronics production)
  • “The software-supported process achieved a return on investment of 23 to 1.” (independent evaluation by a client from the military industry)
  • “Our eyes have been opened! Contents are conveyed well and in a practical manner.” (from a consultancy project with participants from the scientific sector)
  • Process cost saving of at least 30 % were realised in less than 12 months.” (various client analyses from mechanical and plant engineering)
  • Excellent – unlimited recommendation.” (client opinion from the aerospace sector)

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We go the extra mile for you.

AMSYS is the official business partner of the COGD (Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland e.V.), ‘Endorsed Trainer’ of the IIOM (International Institute of Obsolescence Management), German Spokesman for Standards Revision for reliability topics of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), head of working groups at VDI (Association of German Engineers), co-author of VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) Standards, partner of the Institute of Process Excellence, co-autor of the specialist publication ‘Strategies to the Prediction, Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence’ and also developer & hosting provider of the largest exchange portal for transport companies in Europe (

COG - Component Obsolescence Group       IIOM - International Institute of Obsolescence Management      Obsolescence Management Exchange Portal      IEC 62402 - Obsolescence Management Standardisation       VDMA 24903 - Obsolescence management – Exchange of information regarding change and discontinuance of products and items       VDI 2882 - Obsolescence management from the perspective of users and operators       FBDI - RoHS, REACH, CE - Workshops for conformity      ipX - Configuration Management

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