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BOM Obsolescence Service

Data Cleaning and Obsolescence Management with Statusreports

BOM stands for “Bill of Material”, in German, the parts list. We offer you the perfect service around data cleansing and obsolescence analyses.


As part of the proactive risk analysis according to IEC 62402:2019 “Obsolescence Management”, we offer you the possibility to analyze your BOMs automatically and assign the items.


You will receive real-time information for each item regarding:

  • Status on current obsolescence, as well as forecasting on future availabilities
  • Overview of possible substitutes and alternatives for discontinued items
  • Average delivery times and market prices
  • Conformity statement regarding environmental legislation (RoHS, REACH, SCIP)


The BOM analysis is ideal for manufacturers (OEM), system operators and just as for assembly companies (EMS service providers), which would like to offer their customers an additional service for supply security.


Please contact us so that we can mutually agree on the effort and scope of the analyses and send you an individual offer.


It is possible to have this service run once or on a regular basis (quarterly, semi-annually, annually). We would be happy to assist you in further steps to assess the results and combine them with possible parameters – based on your internal data – for a complete risk analysis.


  • Cleansing and completion of master data
  • Integration of unknown items with database providers to ensure permanent monitoring
  • Selective matching with alternatives in case of discontinued items


  • Daily updated information and availability forecast of items
  • BOM analysis report on current and expected availability
  • Current status of average delivery times


  • Comprehensive analysis based on multiple databases (incl. RoHS (CE), REACH information)
  • Available documentation such as data sheets, conformity statement etc.
  • Proposal of alternative items and current aftermarket availabilities


  • Complete correction of your configuration data (keyword: "traceability")
  • Reporting via MS Excel - "outsourcing" of your problems
  • No additional investments in personnel, hardware or software

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