We develop, implement and digitise applicable solutions, processes and applications for your perfect obsolescence, discontinuation, configuration, change, risk and life cycle management.

Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client

Obsolescence Management – Change Management – Risk Management

Our modular, web-based Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client is the optimal solution for the automated, digitised and transparent design of your reactive, proactive or even strategic process.


The Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client comprises 3 modules which you can either operate as a combined solution or as a separate application – fully customised in accordance with your requirements.


obsolescence management (OM)

Our module for obsolescence management (OM) individually maps your process pursuant to the IEC 62402. Automate the management of your obsolescence cases. Determine the effects of discontinuations on your products and facilitate full traceability of the actions taken. Achieve enormous resource savings through interfaces with external data bases and internal systems with full integration of the smartPCN & VDMA 24903 standards for your communication with suppliers and customers.

change management (CM)

Our change management (CM) module facilitates complete and digital management of changes to your configurations. Easily identify effects of changes and integrate all persons involved in the solution. You will have an overview of the configuration status (master data) as well as the planned and implemented changes to it. The CM module with integrated workflow management brings light into the darkness of change tracking.

risk management (RM)

Our module for risk management (RM) enables you to present overall risks based on international standards through live aggregation of likelihoods of occurrence at component level which have an impact on your products. Solution options are linked automatically. Manage proactively against economic and technical risks with risk mitigation or risk prevention strategies. This module can also be connected to data bases and customised for you.

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LCM client



life cycle management (LCM) obsolescence management (OM) change management (CM) risk management (RM)
Automated management process conforming to standards

e.g. IEC 62402

e.g. ISO 10007

e.g. ISO 31000

Customised process flow and input fields acc. to your requirements*
Creation, management & monitoring of cases (case management)
Integrated upload function to add file attachments
Allocation of responsibilities (task & workflow management)
Clear product breakdown structure to the smallest exchangeable item
Automatic risk assessment of all items of your products
(Alarm) Notification if a certain obsolescence status occurs



Mapping of hardware (not limited to electronics) & software
Import & export functions (e.g. for .xls, .xml, .csv, .txt, .zip)*
Automatic output of standardised notifications & reports
Various cockpits, dashboards & graphics
Interfaces to other information systems (data bases, ERP, etc.)*
External input mask with upload function (e.g. for suppliers & manufacturers)

e.g. VDMA 24903

e.g. VDMA 24903

Manual addition or reprocessing of data sets
Sophisticated high-performance search functions (keywords & filters)
User management & administration (read & write privileges)
History function with (re-)traceability
Modern and scalable technology (web-based & mobile-enabled)
Hosting on the company‘s own or a dedicated AMSYS (SaaS) Server
System maintenance, regular updates, support & backups included included included
* Depending on the level of customisation, an additional one-off fee may apply

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