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Bjoern Bartels

Bjoern Bartels, Managing Director of AMSYS, has a master’s degree in International Business and a German diploma in Industrial Engineering. He is working in the field of consultancy by supporting his global customers with Obsolescence Management core competencies and tactics already for many years. Bjoern successfully developed, implemented and managed reactive, proactive and strategic obsolescence management within a variety of companies.


Furthermore, he is the director of the VDI committee of experts “FA209 Obsoleszenz Management”, an acknowledged expert within the DKE/ISO and an active member of the interest group COG – Component Obsolescence Group. In addition, he occupied himself privately profoundly with the topic obsolescence management, which led to a collaboration with the CALCE Engineering Institute of the University of Maryland, with the result that a 290-page joint publication entitled ” Strategies to the Prediction, Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence ” was published in May 2012.

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