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Supportability Assessment and Obsolescence Management

SMART – Supportability Management Assessment Report Tool – from RAC is an intelligent and effective software that supports all aspects of long-term development, supply and maintenance phases:


  • Consolidates multiple internal & external data sources
  • Analysis and avoidance of unnecessary costs
  • Detailed availability forecasts (incl. COTS components)
  • Integrated case management optimizes solution-finding processes


Applied obsolescence management processes increase productivity and offer optimized solution finding processes. These reduce costs for obsolescence removal (reactive approach) and obsolescence avoidance (proactive approach). Plan the entire lifecycle of your (sub)systems in a strategic approach. With further inclusion of procurement issues, this approach is called “Diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS).


  • SMART combines multiple data sources (e.g. IHS, QStar, ILSmart, etc. as well as internal configuration and supply data) in a common environment at a low price.
  • SMART is the only software with an integrated database that analyzes commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) components from multiple vendors throughout their lifecycle and provides lifecycle data including spare parts suggestions with datasheets for comparison.
  • With unlimited user access, SMART provides a collaborative management approach through encrypted Web access that involves all program partners and key users (internal and external).


  • Reduce your system support costs while ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and optimize long-term availability.
  • Decision making is simplified by supporting management disciplines with solution-oriented case management including automated reporting functions and cost analysis.


  • $150 million cost avoidance realized (AEGIS - NSWC, Port Hueneme)
  • Process achieved a 23 to 1 Return-on-Invest (ROI) (Independent Air Force Assessment)
  • Over $50 million cost avoidance realized for F/A-18E/F (Boeing, St. Louis)

RAC SMART Tool Screenshots

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