We develop, implement and digitise applicable solutions, processes and applications for your perfect obsolescence, discontinuation, configuration, change, risk and life cycle management.

Campaign Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client – new design

Campaign Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client - new design

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Modern appearance meets concentrated power


The software with + efficiency

Make your reactive, proactive and strategic obsolescence management automated, digitalized and traceable with the AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client. Save yourself time and money in Life Cycle Management.

Campaign Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client - new design



Obsolescence Management Module

Optimize your individual reactive obsolescence management processes with improved case collaboration. Clear structures, task distribution and comment function ensure full traceability to the best solution.





Risk Management Module

Always get an up-to-date overview of the condition of your used components and own systems to keep risks as low as possible. Through proactive assessment and treatment, you can ensure availabilities to avoid unnecessary losses.

Campaign Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client - new design



Data integration with SiliconExpert

Optimize your individual process flows with interfaces such as to the SiliconExpert database. All information is natively integrated into the AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) client. Save time searching for alternatives, delivery times, etc.

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