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Experts help to manage Obsolescence


Let the Experts Help You Manage Obsolescence


Date: Thursday, March 18th, 2021
Time: 11am EST / 8am PST / 4pm CET (Germany)





If 2020 taught us anything, it was to expect disruptions to our daily routine.


When these disruptions cause parts in your design to become obsolete, it can affect your bottom line. It’s always a good idea to have a plan to manage obsolescence. After the year we’ve just had, it’s a necessity.


Obsolescence management experts Bjoern Bartels and Oliver Hoffman will discuss what you need to keep production lines humming in this difficult environment. Submit your questions during registration and we’ll make sure that they get answered. You can even ask your question live and have a dialog with Bjoern and Oliver.


Bjoern Bartels spent the last several years helping global customers refine their obsolescence management strategies. To automate his knowledge and make it available for a wider range, he has also build the Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client with his company AMSYS including not only SiliconExpert data but also his full best practice process/methodology experience.


Oliver Hoffman has helped customers overcome challenges using tools and services that leverage SiliconExpert’s database of over one billion parts. These gentlemen will answer your obsolescence management questions, live, and help you defend your production lines against external shocks.


We look forward to seeing you on the live webinar.


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Oliver Hoffmann
EMEA Director

As a Computer Scientist Oliver Hoffmann has spent his career his both Consulting and Sales roles in innovative companies. Having built a strong curiosity for Digital Business and collected years of experience in Obsolescence Management throughout Europe, he is now leading the EMEA organization at SiliconExpert. His passion is sharing knowledge and insights into solving problems by applying data-driven decision making. With the growing team of SiliconExpert, Oliver Hoffmann is sharing inspirations and fascinations with Small-to-Medium businesses as well as global Corporations.


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Bjoern Bartels
Managing Director

Bjoern has a master’s degree in International Business and a German diploma in Industrial Engineering. He is working in the field of consultancy by supporting his global customers with Obsolescence Management core competencies and tactics already for many years. Bjoern successfully developed, implemented and managed reactive, proactive and strategic obsolescence management within a variety of companies.

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