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System Administrator Linux

As a young, successful company with a start-up mentality southwest of Munich, we pursue the goal of increasing the safety and reliability of our customers complex products throughout their entire operating life. Part of our proposals are easy-to-use web apps. The tasks for our customers grow and our team grows with them. Therefore, we are looking for you as an IT administrator for Linux systems.


Your tasks:

  • Installation and maintenance of (virtual) Linux servers.
  • Regular monitoring of servers and (further) development of monitoring tools.
  • Configuration of security software to prevent unauthorized access (e.g. firewalls).
  • Installing and configuring VPN networks.
  • Installing and configuring the software necessary for the operation of our apps, e.g. web server, databases (CouchDB, MySQL).
  • Setup, configure and monitoring of internal business systems, such as mail servers, cloud systems (Nextcloud), etc.


Your qualifications:

  • You have proven experience in the administration of Linux servers.
  • Secure handling of all tasks for the secure operation of Linux systems (including configuration of firewalls and other security tools).
  • Experience with the operation of VPN networks and server clusters.
  • Experience in the reliable operation of mail servers and cloud systems.
  • Experience in administrative handling of web servers (Apache) and databases (MySQL, CouchDB).
  • Basic knowledge in programming languages around the web: JavaScript, PHP, PERL, HTML.


Your personality:

  • The administration of Linux systems is not only a job for you, it is your passion.
  • Thirst for knowledge, curiosity and the desire to take your development skills to the next level accompany you every day.
  • Quickly and independently familiarizing yourself with new programs and tools is one of your strengths, and you can easily adapt to new requirements.
  • You are always friendly and courteous to customers, colleagues and other contacts and remain calm even in stressful situations.
  • Perfect work results are your trademark, you can be relied on.


What we offer you:

  • Start-up mentality and a creative, innovative and open team with which you can have fun.
  • We (almost) don’t care how you organize your working time; the result counts.
  • A contact person who can answer your questions at the beginning.
  • Work in our office in Planegg-Munich and, if necessary, from your home office.
  • In addition, you always have the opportunity to contribute and implement your own ideas.


Please send your application to Hans-Georg Dück (
For questions we are at your disposal under 089/ 997 4080 01.


We are looking forward to getting to know you personally soon!

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