• Obsolescence Management

    Driven by continuously accelerating technological change, components and systems are developed and introduced to the market at an increasing speed. This results in a dramatic life cycle decrease of components and systems, as well as their shortened availability on the market. A growing sector is created, in which the life cycle of the individual products is no longer aligned with the life cycle of the necessary components.

    If a component, module, material, tool, software, process or standard, that is required for the manufacturing or maintenance of a company’s own product, is no longer available, cost intensive supply bottlenecks arise. This is known as obsolescence, whereby active and proactive management is constantly gaining significance in order to reduce and prevent from unplanned costs and expenses.

  • What we offer

    We are happy to help you with the development, extension, reorganization and daily operation of obsolescence management within your organization:

    • Analysis and improvement of processes
    • Identification of weaknesses in procedures (including suppliers)
    • Development, definition and implementation of solutions
    • Transformation of concepts into everyday practice
    • Execution of risk analyzes and Obsolescence Management Plans (OMP)
    • Selection and implementation of appropriate software tools
    • Training and coaching of staff
  • Your Benefits

    Obsolescence cases occur in all sectors of high investment goods (capital goods, infrastructure, consumer durables, consumables and software products) Handled correctly, it is used to reduce or avoid production or service loss over the entire life cycle. This must also be considered when extending the planned useful life of equipment, machinery or means of production.

    If you are a manufacturer or operator of long life capital goods, we offer individual consulting approaches and a portfolio of solutions tailored to your needs.


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