Team of AMSYS

Bjoern Bartels

Bjoern Bartels, Managing Director of AMSYS GmbH, has a master’s degree in International Business and a German diploma in Industrial Engineering. He is working in the field of consultancy by supporting his customers with Obsolescence Management core competencies and tactics already for many years. Bjoern successfully developed, implemented and managed reactive, proactive and strategic obsolescence management within a variety of companies.

Furthermore, he is the director of the VDI committee of experts “FA209 Obsoleszenz Management”, an acknowledged expert within the DKE/ISO and an active member of the interest group COG – Component Obsolescence Group. In addition, he occupied himself privately profoundly with the topic obsolescence management, which led to a collaboration with the CALCE Engineering Institute of the University of Maryland, with the result that a 290-page joint publication entitled ” Strategies to the Prediction, Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence ” was published in May 2012.

Direct contact: bjoern.bartels(at) / +49 (0) 179 922 3 220

Hans-Georg Dueck

Georg_140x180_swHans-Georg Dueck (Dipl.- Eng.), Managing Director of AMSYS GmbH, has been working for more than 15 years as a consultant and instructor for Configuration Management, Change Management, Requirements Management and Development processes. He supports his clients to discover process weak points, to develop and implement solutions for them. Another focus is the selection and implementation of software tools for process automation. He works for customers from different industries and sectors such as aerospace, automotive and transport, medical technology or banks and insurances. As computer engineer he has special skills with software development processes.

Hans-Georg often speaks at various national and international conferences like SmarVariantCon, CMII Europe, CMII South Africa or the Knowledge Management Days. He is an instructor of the worldwide accepted standard training program for configuration management CMII, the practical CM Courses and has a degree as a systemic coach.

Direct contact: hans-georg.dueck(at) / +49 (0) 176 724 18 023

Mario Bankel

Mario Bankel

Mario Bankel (Dipl.-Ing.), Senior Consultant at AMSYS GmbH, has extensive knowledge and proven experience in the analysis and optimization of obsolescence processes for technical plant and production. These originate from his professional positions in the development, application and distribution of active, passive and electromechanical components. For electronic systems and components (his specialty), reactive, proactive and strategic solution options are evaluated and implemented by the client after the analysis of the current obsolescence criticality.

The focus is always on the main benefit of obsolescence management, taking into account the risk factors: no operational system failures and the professional avoidance of the cost-intensive “firefighting operations”.

The development and introduction of control processes in the proactive maintenance sector as well as the data cleaning of large component stocks complete his profile.

Direct contact: mario.bankel(at) / +49 (0) 176 843 62 956

Katrin Jakobs

Katrin Jakobs is Assistant to the Management at AMSYS GmbH with a graduation in industrial business.

At the moment she develops herself into an economic expert.

She comes from the field of construction and has worked there for over 5 years in a planning company in the area of administration, development and project management.

Direct Contact: katrin.jakobs(at) / +49 (0) 176 205 47 584

Hendrik van Lutterveld


Hendrik van Lutterveld, Partner of AMSYS GmbH, has an Aeronautical Engineering degree (master equivalent) from the Delft Technical University. He has acquired wide experience in Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Information Technology, Supportability and Material Management disciplines of various military aircraft programs, such as NATO-E3-AWACS, Tornado, Typhoon and P-3C Orion. He has hands-on knowledge with the use of the NATO Master Cross Reference List (NMCRL), NATO Supply, Performance Based Logistics (PBL) and PBL Metrics concepts and practices.

Since 1999 he is the European sales representative for Resource Analysis Corporation (RAC) San Diego, CA., the designer of the TACTRAC and SMART computer system applications (the leading tools for pro-active Obsolescence Management (OM) solutions) and in addition (since 2004) for GDCA at Livermore, CA, a long term COTS Circuit Board repair source.

Direct contact: lutterveld.partner(at) / +49 (0) 173 920 8750

Tom Mazo

Tom Mazo is Softwaredeveloper at AMSYS GmbH.

He has a master degree in urban planning, however he educated himself in web development in self-studies as this profession is his true passion.

Before he started at AMSYS, Tom has been working as front-end developer and was able to gain insightful experiences.

Direct contact: tom.mazo(at) / +49 176 23790286

Florian Schwenzer

Florian Schwenzer is Softwaredeveloper at AMSYS GmbH and has a master’s degree in Mechatronics and Information Technology (TUM).

He has five years of experince in software development (CRM Systems and Web-Development). He supports the team in developing the company’s software products.

Direct contact: florian.schwenzer(at) / +49 179 74 800 77

Martin Sprickmann

Martin Sprickmann Kerkerinck is a Junior Consultant at AMSYS GmbH. After attaining his Bachelor of Engineering in the field of study Automotive Industrial Engineering at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences he worked in different areas of responsibilities for a renowned automotive manufacturer for several years. Change and project management, project controlling and coordination, as well as modelling, optimizing and implementing of processes are his main areas of expertise.

Direct contact: martin.sprickmann(at) / +49 (0) 179 74 800 88

Eric Dupont


Eric Dupont, Partner of AMSYS GmbH, has an extensive career in mission critical systems. Eric started his career in the French MoD and has been a manager for defense projects such as submarine nuclear missile or submarine sonar. He worked extensively in the field of high-reliability electronic systems and hardened components for defense systems. In 2000, Eric founded a semiconductor company in California providing software tools and test services for IC reliability.

Back from California, Eric is advising industrial companies for business expansion and worldwide deployment through its finance knowledge. Eric is the author of a dozen of technical articles on Soft Error effect in VDSM components. Eric holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from ENSTA group and Institute Polytechnic of Grenoble (France).

Direct contact: dupont.partner(at) / +33 658 100 318