• Audits & Studies

    A diagnosis should be made at the beginning of each process improvement initiative to sort out the root causes and the resources spent for corrective actions.

    We conduct Audits in cooperation with you, using studies of varying approaches to identify and quantify relevant issues within your organization.

  • Results

    • Kick-off: Determination of your requirements (workshop)
    • Review of the existing processes and documentation
    • Interviews with those responsible for the processes and key users (individual interviews and workshop); assessment of compliance with these processes in practice
    • Analysis of existing IT solutions and environment
    • Summary of the results and discussion
    • Preparation of a report and milestone plan
    • Final presentation of the results
  • Your benefits

    • Professional review of your management processes
    • You will learn whether your management processes are “good enough”
    • We also audit your suppliers on your behalf to ensure compliance with your processes and interests


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