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Place of Performance

Service provision will take place at the customers premise.

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Applicable Language

The language to be used within the course and according documentation is English or German. All described performances and deliveries shall be made in English or German.

Course Schedule

The course is scheduled as follows:

  • Start: 09:00 am
  • 1. break:  10:30 am – 11:00 am
  • Lunch: 12:30 pm – 01:30 pm
  • 2. break : 03:00 pm – 03:30 pm
  • Finish: 05:00 pm


Lectures / Discussions / Case Studies / Group Work / Multiple Choice / Assessments

Additional preparation

It is mandatory to prepare a draft Obsolescence Management Plan (OMP) in advance to the course which is then to be presented. Additional information to follow after registration.

Not mandatory but helpful is some additional preparation as for example background reading (e.g. „Strategies to the Prediction, Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence“, May 2012, Wiley) and additional research.

Please also bring your relevant questions to the course to have it discussed in groups.


The course fee is € TBD, – (plus VAT 19%) per person. The following is included in the course fee:

  • Course documents in printed form
  • 2 coffee breaks / day
  • 1 lunch / day
  • Cold drinks throughout the seminar

The General Terms and Conditions apply for events.

1-day Short Course in Obsolescence Management at IIOM Associate Grade

The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) is a not for profit professional body for those involved in, or interested in, Obsolescence Management. The Institute is for professionals worldwide who are dedicated to furthering their knowledge and understanding of the Obsolescence Management discipline, and who wish to network across the globe with a broad range of individuals and organisations in industry, academia and Government.

Course Overview

This 1-day certified course is an assessment course based on the 2-day AMSYS Obsolescence Management Seminar or similar prerequisites.

Individual assessment of each participant will be made based on Obsolescence Management Plan (OMP) development (which has to be prepared in advance and presented during the course), creation and presentation of an obsolescence management process (during the course) and a test (during the course) that consists of questions to be answered as well as a selection of multiple choice questions.

The certificate gained at the end of this course is a qualification that demonstrates a good understanding of the subject and is likely to be undertaken by Obsolescence Engineers or Purchasing Managers working in a team or  an Obsolescence Managers. Successful completion of the certificate will allow the individual to use the post nominal letters AIIOM and to call themselves an Associate member of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management.

Content of the Seminar

Introduction: Comprehensive Obsolescence Management

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of “AIIOM” Benefits
  • “Warm up” to understand the general framework of obsolescence management, future cost of resolving obsolescence issues, the implications of ignoring the obsolescence risk and some practical experience of Obsolescence Management

Assessment 1: The Obsolescence Management Plan

  • Participants need to develop a draft Obsolescence Management Plan (OMP) for a project that they are currently working on. Alternatively participants will be assigned to write an OMP for an example project given by the trainer, but ideally participants should have a real example in mind.
  • The object is to produce a draft that, when eventually completed, will be of real and lasting value to the project.

Assessment 2: Processs Capability Evaluation

  • Participants need to develop and present a draft Obsolescence Management Process for the company they are currently working for. Alternatively participants will be assigned to draft and present a process for an example company given by the trainer, but ideally participants should have a real example in mind.
  • The object is to produce a draft that, when eventually completed, will be of real and lasting value to the company.

Assessment 3: Individial Questions & Multiple Choice Test

  • Participants need to answer several questions (some multiple choice). Preparation material for a successful completion, will be handed over in the AMSYS Obsolescence Management Seminar.
  • The objective is to evaluate the participants on general knowledge in comprehensive obsolescence management.

Wash-Up: Q&A

  • Open points
  • Questions & Answers


To take part at this Short Course in Obsolescence Management at IIOM Associate Grade you may need to have successfully taken part at the AMSYS Obsolescence Management Seminar or you are able to show a documented track history of relevant experience and knowledge in comprehensive obsolescence management.


Bjoern Bartels
+49 (0) 89 324 06 419


AMSYS Digital Handout

AMSYS Digital Handout

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