Software based Supportability and Obsolescence Management

SMART – Supportability Management Assessment Report Tool – by RAC is a smart and effective software that supports all aspects of long-term development and maintenance phases:

  • Consolidates multiple internal and external data sources
  • Analysis and avoidance of unnecessary costs
  • Detailed availability predictions (incl. COTS components)
  • Integrated case management optimizes the solution finding processes

Applied obsolescence management processes increase productivity and offer optimized problem-solving processes. This reduces costs incurred for obsolescence-solving (reactive approach) or obsolescence avoidance (proactive approach). You may also plan the entire life cycle of your (sub-) systems in a strategic approach.

  • The Solution

    SMART combines several data sources (e.g. IHS, QStar, ILSmart, etc. as well as internal configuration and supply data) in a common environment at a low price.

    SMART is the only software with an integrated database that analyzes commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) components from various manufacturers throughout the entire lifecycle and provides lifecycle data including alternate parts suggestions with available data sheets.

    With unlimited user access SMART ensures a cooperative management approach through an encrypted web access. All program partners and key users (internal and external) are involved.

    Decision-making processes are simplified by supportive management disciplines with solution case management including automated reporting capabilities and analysis of costs.

  • Your Benefits

    Reduce your expenses for supporting your systems while ensuring maximum operational readiness. Avoid unnecessary costs and optimize the long-term availability.

  • Cost Avoidance (abstract)

    • $ 150 million cost avoidance realized (AEGIS – NSWC Port Hueneme)
    • Process reached a 23 to 1 return on investment (ROI) (Independent Air Force review)
    • For F / A-18E / F over $ 50 million cost avoidance realized (Boeing, St. Louis)

Our Offer

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