Obsolescence Management Client

The stand alone solution for your Obsolescence and Project Management

  • Software based management process according to EN 62402 Edition 2
  • Daily administration and monitoring of own Obsolescence Cases
  • Attachment of available documentation such as datasheets, etc.
  • Impact indication of cases on own systems or products.
  • Includes standardized interfaces to VDMA 24903 and smartPCN
  • Full traceablility of taken actions
  • Resource saving with ERP & PLM integration
  • Enormous resource savings along your Product Lifecycle

Applied obsolescence management processes increase productivity and offer optimized problem-solving processes. This reduces costs incurred for obsolescence-solving (reactive approach) or obsolescence avoidance (proactive approach).

  • Software-based process

    The Obsolescence Management Process is optimally supported by our software and ensures the maximum possiblresource conservation.

  • Traceability, Monitoring and Analysis of Data

    The work carried out can be transparently tracked, monitored and analyzed. You never lose valuable information and you eliminate the potential for escalation.

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduce the cost for your obsolescence management and the cost of the necessary measures to remedy a problem. You may also reduce opportunity costs occurred through not available material and systems, and prevent negative contractual consequences.

  • Resource Conservation

    The acquisition and processing of problem cases binds immense resources. The software helps you to effectively and efficiently use your limited resources.

  • Your Knowledge Data Base

    Save the valuable knowledge of your employees in a centralized database and secure it against loss or alteration. The threat of losing know-how is raising, especially when highly specialized staff is leaving the company. Our software secures the existing knowledge and makes it available over years.

Our Offer

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