Obsolescence Management Portal

The portal provides all operators of rail vehicles, as well as national and regional transport companies the opportunity to share special obsolescence information among all registered members.

Acute obsolescence management cases are visible for all members. They are published and discussed within the member area. Members develop a problem solution together, or provide a possible solution to other members with no additional charge.

You get full access on the topic obsolescence in the railway industry and to all other published information within this portal.

Visit the portal at: www.obsolescence-management.net

  • Time

    Earliest possible obsolescence information which could affect you. No manufacturer is obliged to provide you with this information in timely manner

  • Experience

    Benefit from the obsolescence experience of all other members.

  • Strength

    If several members are faced with the same obsolescence problem, you could act together and thus strengthen your position on the market.

  • Cost Avoidance

    Combine the advantages of this portal and minimize your cost and expenses for obsolescence management.


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