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Strategic: Lifecycle Management Planning

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Configuration Management

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Change Management and Systemic Coaching

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Lifecycle Management

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Agile Software Development Processes


We develop, implement and digitise applicable solutions, processes and applications for your perfect obsolescence, discontinuation, configuration, change, risk and life cycle management.

This year many things will be new. – The logo. The phone number. The address. The products.


From now on you can reach us under new address and telephone number:

Roentgenstrasse 5, 82152 Planegg – Munich, Germany
+49 (0) 89 9974 080 00

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Our Seminars

We offer configuration and obsolescence management courses as in-house seminars in English in any country! Please get in touch with us for a comprehensive seminar package formed under special conditions tailored to your needs.

cog-logo-retinaThe AMSYS GmbH is official business partner of the COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Germany e.V. and also cooperates with other organizations

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Latest News

Our seminars and workshops will take on a new look this year and as usual you will find all the answers to your life cycle management problems and questions here: am-sys.com/en/seminars-2 - #lifecyclemanagement #obsolescencemanagement #IIOM #changemanagement #riskmanagement

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