• Special Procurement

    If conventionally known and secure purchasing processes fail and if buyers need a quick response to current procurement problems (e.g. allocations or obsolescence), the risk of counterfeits rises or purchasing prices increase rapidly.

    The special procurement process enables you to resolve current supply chain bottlenecks and opens the possibility to overcome these problems in a sustainable way beyond your conventional procurement practices.

  • What we offer

    With years of experience, we want to help you to meet the challenges and problems in the supply chain, make new contacts and expand your network.

  • Your Benefits

    We help you to master your problems within the supply chain, whether we occur as a potential supplier or as an agent only. In addition, we help you to find the right buyer for your excess inventory.

    As a simple alternative to a traditional scrapping process, you may also consider the opportunity to offer your material to other interested companies through our internet platforms.

    Please send us your request and we will take care of it.



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