• End-of-Life Management

    Discontinuation notifications are information about the termination of a product at a certain time. As a manufacturer, you face the challenge to unite internal availability data with market data and to operate an active, sustainable and economic part discontinuation management.

    In reality, you often do not have sufficient time to respond to shortages or supply chain bottlenecks to find suitable alternatives. Part Discontinuation Notices (PDN) partially fail to send or they do not reach the right responsibile person within your company. In some cases, a possible reaction time is not even given by the supplier.

  • What we offer

    We support you:

    • to build an effective and efficient End of Life Management in your own company
    • to coordinate and communicate within your supply chain
    • to deal with the variety of diverse information and formats
  • Your Benefits

    With a suitable End-of-Life Management you make sure that the necessary information is available, just in time, in the appropriate format and at the correct place within your company. In addition, you can achieve the reduction of duplicated work, minimize the potential for escalation procedures and secure the communication along the whole supply chain.


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